On December 5, 2023, Prayatn Sanstha orchestrated a significant Block-Level Federation meeting of farmers at its dedicated premises in Shahabad at Baran district of Rajasthan. The event drew the active participation of 40 dedicated federation members representing 20 villages, marking a pivotal moment for community engagement.

The central theme of the meeting revolved around fortifying the organizational structure, with a specific emphasis on the pivotal role of forming Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO). Deliberations unfolded on the organization’s core responsibilities, with a strong focus on fostering sustainability in its initiatives.

The meeting took a holistic approach, addressing key issues such as the promotion of agricultural livelihoods, enhancement of food security, safeguarding child rights, and tackling rural challenges head-on. These discussions underscored Prayatn’s commitment to holistic community development.
Adding a distinguished touch to the proceedings, Mr. Malay Kumar, Secretary of Prayatn from Jaipur, graced the gathering with his presence. He has shared valuable insights into the working strategy of the Federation, emphasizing the imperative need for an awakening from the current state of subjugation to achieve sustainable growth.

During the meeting, the mantle of responsibility was effectively carried by key figures, including Project Officer – Mr. Gajanlal Verma, Agriculture expert – Mr. Gyan Prakash Tiwari, and Assistant Project Officers – Mr. Hemraj Mehta and Ms. Rajeshwari,. Their contributions played a crucial role in ensuring the success and impactful outcomes of the meeting.

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