A Government Community Interface has been organized on November 27, 2023, in Devari Colony, located in the Shahabad block of Baran district, Rajasthan. This event was organized under the project “Combating Malnutrition through Livelihood Development” which is being spearheaded by Prayatn Sanstha and supported by the ‘Bread for the World’ organization from Germany.

The primary objective of the program was to tackle the ongoing developmental issues being faced by the community. It sought to enlighten the villagers about the array of government-run schemes and services accessible at the grassroots level. The participants received detailed information about the goals of both the organization and the project, underscoring the significance of community engagement in the execution process.

The program addressed the current challenges in implementing these services and schemes and encouraged community support. The community proposed solutions to various issues, including opening schools, constructing interlocking tiles roads, establishing Anganvadi center, ensuring water supply, application under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana, etc. in written form of proposals to Sarpanch Mr. Karan Sahariya, who was invited by the local Village Development Committee members. Mr. Karan responded that the requests will be addressed as soon as new government gets in place after the State Legislative Assembly elections.

Mr. Rajesh Verma from the Education Department, who was present during the occasion, emphasized the significance of School Management Committee (SMC) meetings and regular attendance for children in school. Information pertaining to welfare schemes and initiatives concerning children’s health, nutrition, and education in the region was disseminated during the program.

The program engaged the participation of 35 men and women and various government officials in the village, indicating the collaboration between the organization, government agencies, and local leadership. Project Officer – Mr. Gajan Lal Verma, Assistant Project Officer – Mr. Hemraj Mehta, Livelihood In-charge – Mr. Shatrughan Goswami and Community Organizers – Mr. Sonu Mehta and Mr. Surendra, played pivotal roles in the planning and execution of the Interface in Devari village.

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