An awareness campaign on gender equality and girls’ education has been organised by Prayatn among the Saharia and Bhil tribes of Shahabad of Baran District, Rajasthan, from 21st- 23rd December to result a change in the thinking of village community regarding the importance of girls’ education in the development of women. The campaign has been organized by Prayatn Shahabad block under the project – ‘She Leads Change’ – which is being funded by international organization ‘Empower’ and technically supported by Rise -up Together’.

The campaign commenced with the flagging off awareness vehicle of Prayatn by Chief Block Education Officer (CBEO) of Shahabad Block, Mr Siraj Mohammad, and Chief Functionary of Prayatn, Mr Malay Kumar who underlined importance of education of girls in their inauguration speeches Mr. Gajan Lal Verma, who is leading the project stated that the initiative has been undertaken in the backdrop of the fact that several girls in the targeted villages are out of school as their education is not rendered due priority by their parents because of lack of awareness. As part of the campaign, various activities were performed on issues related with girls especially girl-child education, child marriage and gender-based discrimination, which included singing songs, chanting slogans, giving short messages, slogan writing on walls, puppet show, magic show, role play and rallying with the cooperation of school girls and members of Adolescent Girls’ Group.

The campaign succeeded in reaching out to population of more than 700 men, women, children and adolescents across 8 extremely remote villages and influencing their mindset towards girls’ education so that they are able to rise-up to fulfill their dreams as well as make their parents feel proud.

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