Children at the Dharsona village in Cholapur Block, Varanasi, joyously celebrated Christmas, the universal festival commemorating the birth of Christ. The festivities were organized in collaboration with Prayatn Sanstha and Kindernothilfe, Germany, with the primary objective of emphasizing the profound significance of Jesus’ birth for the salvation of mankind. The Children’s Collective, in coordination with Prayatn Staff, extended warm invitations to the community members and fellow children to join in the jubilation. The young participants took charge of decorating the stage, adorning it with radiant stars and vibrant balloons. Adding to the festive atmosphere, Little Muskan, an enthusiastic member of the Children’s Collective, donned a Santa Claus costume, delighting her friends and adding a playful touch to the celebration.

The children actively engaged in the program, participating with excitement from start to finish. Accompanied by music, they danced alongside Santa Claus and the choir, infusing the event with youthful energy and exuberance. Mr. Sandeep Sonkar, Assistant Project Officer of Prayatn, initiated the proceedings with a warm welcome and introduction. Mr. Sonu Gaur, Project Officer of Prayatn, took the opportunity to highlight the organization’s ongoing efforts dedicated to the development of children and the promise of a brighter future. Ms. Rajani, an Onsite Support Teacher, and her team enriched the celebration with melodious Christmas carols that resonated with the spirit of the occasion.

Concluding the event, Mr. Midhun Kurian, Sponsorship Coordinator, shared a heartfelt Christmas message, shedding light on the true meaning of Christmas and the essence of the season. Thanks to the generous support of Kindernothilfe, every child received Christmas gifts, and the air was filled with joy as Christmas cakes and chocolates were distributed. The program culminated with a group photo featuring all the children and Santa Claus, capturing the memorable moments of the celebration. The Children’s Collective expressed their collective decision to continue celebrating Christmas in the coming years. The entire program was meticulously coordinated by Mr. Sunder Singh, Assistant Project Officer, Ms. Suman, Community Organizer, Ms. Lalita, Onsite Support Teacher, and Mr. Dilip Kumar, Administrator of Prayatn.

Prayatn Sanstha has been actively implementing the Sambal project in 50 villages of Cholapur Block in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, for the past four years. Dharsona village is among the beneficiary communities, and the collaborative efforts have brought the spirit of Christmas to the hearts of children, fostering a sense of joy and community.

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