In a stride towards empowering local farmers, Prayatn Sanstha successfully conducted a one-day Exposure cum Training Program for members of Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs) in Puri district. This impactful initiative, supported by HDFC Bank under the banner of HRDP (Holistic Rural Development Program), unfolded at the Utkalika Multi Agro Producer Company in Mahashaki Foundation, Baragad District in Odisha.

The program was strategically designed to enlighten participants on the manifold benefits of establishing an FPO, encompassing the registration process, nuances of the supply chain for diverse products, and the holistic management of FPOs.

A team of experts, including Mr. Ramkhiladi Poswal (Deputy Director, Prayatn Sanstha), Mr. Purna Mohapatra (State Programme Manager, HRDP, Puri), Mr. Santosh Pradhan (Chief Executive Officer , FPO Gop), and Mr. Saroj Rout and Mr. Gobind Swain (Community Organizers, Prayatn), delivered insightful sessions.
Mahashaki Foundation at Baragada district, Odisha, emerged as the ideal venue, selected based on specific criteria including turnover, share capital, product variety, value addition, documentation, and efficient management.

Subsequent to training, FPO Board of Directors and members are gearing up to venture into paddy and chilli cultivation, demonstrating the immediate applicability of the acquired knowledge. Farmers gained valuable insights into addressing productivity challenges and the potential benefits of collective farming, particularly crucial for smaller farm sizes. The program highlighted the instrumental role FPOs can play in enhancing farmers’ income by providing facilities for both farm and non-farm-based activities.

The event drew active participation of 10 FPO Board of Directors and 05 staff members, eager to enhance their knowledge and skills. The exposure adopted a participatory approach, fostering engagement and practical learning experiences for the attendees.

This successful program reflects the collaborative efforts of Prayatn Sanstha, HDFC Bank, and the dedicated members of FPOs. It stands as a testament to the shared commitment towards fostering growth and prosperity within the farming community.

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