Prayatn Sanstha organized a three-day residential booster training program for master farmers in the Shahabad block of Baran district in Rajasthan. This program is carried out under the project ‘Combating Malnutrition through Livelihood Development’, which is implemented by Prayatn Sanstha in collaboration with Bread for the World, Germany.

The major objective of organizing the event was to aware farmers on how to increase soil fertility and maximizing agricultural yield at minimum cost. The main topics of discussion throughout the sessions were – field preparation for crops to be planted and undertakeing vegetable cultivation in the Rabi season, , development of kitchen gardens, methods of irrigation, etc.

In-depth information was provided on a number of topics, including managing the local cattle dungand developing vermi compost through the same as part of promoting organic farming; choosing advanced seed varieties, seed treatment, and determining the right amount of seeds to plant and timely to get better agricultural productivity; employing techniques like mixed cropping, crop rotation, management of pests and diseases through natural ways, etc. The entire training was held in a participatory mode with the support of technology, such as through video and visual presentations on various agricultural methods, which were very exciting and informative for the participants.

On the occasion of training, Mr. Neeraj Sharma, Assistant Agricultural Officer, Mr. Rambhajan Mali, and Mr. Purushotam (Agricultural Supervisors), along with Mr. Amritlal and Mr. Gyan Prakash, Agricultural Experts from Prayatn, acted as the resource persons for the training.

Under the guidance of Mr. Gajan Lal Verma (Project Officer of Prayatn), Mr. Hemraj, Assistant Project Officer, Mr. Srichand, Mr. Kalyan, and Mr. Akash (Community Organizers) coordinated the entire training. During the training, the participation of Mr. Ram Khiladi Poswal, the Deputy Director of Prayatn, was extremely significant.

Over thirty-one farmers from fifteen villages have actively engaged in the training sessions, which were scheduled from October 19th to 21st, 2023. Prayatn Sanstha has been working with the Sahariya Tribal Community in 30 villages within the Shahabad block since 2022 with financial assistance from Bread for the World, Germany.

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