A four days residential Theatre Workshop has been organized for the adolescent girls residing in the Shahabad block of Rajasthan by Prayatn Sanstha under the banner of ‘She Leads Change’ Project, supported by Empower. The primary objective of the training was to identify the hidden skills of the tribal adolescent girls, who are hesitant to express themselves and to polish their skills finely for the Improvement of self and the community.

The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Sanjay Kumar Vidrohi, a renowned face in theatre workshops and a research scholar from Jaipur. During the innovative workshop sessions, he acquainted the participants with the academic components and practical presentation skills of various arts. Surprisingly, on the final day, the children prepared a skit on the issues hindering the rights of children and presented it before all the Chief Guests with all boldness. Skit was named “Parivarthan” which means ‘a change’, which they could derive within these 4 days. The workshop was organized in participatory mode, ensuring the engagement of all children in various games and activities like singing, dancing, acting, drawing, story making, storytelling, mask making, etc.
As part of the training, all the participants were taken to Kasturba Gandhi Girls Residential School at Shahabad to explore the arrangements and facilities available for those who enroll there. Children were motivated to study over there.

On the final day, From Education Department- Mr. Kailash Chandra Jararia (Block RP & Girl’s Education In-charge) and from Health Department- Mr. Bhupendra Singh (Medical Officer) and Mr. Bhadrilal Varma (School Principal, Anasagar) were present to bless the ceremony and strengthened the girls to be confident to stand for their rights.

The workshop was organized at Prayatn Sanstha Conference hall at Shahabad, from 7th to 10th June 2023. 29 adolescent girls from 06 villages in Shahabad participated in the workshop. Mr. Gajan lal (Project Officer, Prayatn) harmonized the workshop with the cordial support of Ms. Jeba Sheikh and Ms. Rajwati (Community Organizers, Prayatn).

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