Prayatn Sanstha has instigated a series of trainings for the Child Protection Committees in Cholapur block of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh under the Project ‘Sambal’ financially supported by KNH Germany (Kindernothilfe). These trainings are designed on the theme of developing community-based systems and mechanisms for the development of society. The primary objective of the trainings were to sensitize the community groups (CPC- Child Protection Committee) on the need for framing systems and developing mechanisms within the community for initiating appropriate actions for the identified issues of the community.

The participants have been blessed by the skillful facilitation of Mr. Jagat Narayan Singh, Project Manager, and Mr. Surender Kumar Varma, Project Coordinator, serving the society through Manav Seva Kendra Varanasi. They set the stage by creating a clear picture of the end goal, through enhanced knowledge of dealing with the issues of the community, collectively through developing community-based systems and mechanisms. The program is based on consisting of interactive sessions, group work, group presentations, experiential and participatory learning, etc.

In the first batch, 32 active CPC members from 05 villages actively participated in this training program that was held at Dharm Chakra Vihar Training center, Saranath in Varanasi . The project has set a target of training upscaling 250 members by the end of November 2022 in 10 batches. Mr. Sonu Gaur, Project Officer of Praytn, is steering the training along with the support of his team.

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