On September 08, 2022, Prayatn Team at Jaipur observed International Literacy Day with the Migrant children and their parents at Dwarakapuri settlement in Jaipurunder the project ‘Remedial Education to Migrant children’ which is being supported by LIC HFL (Life Insurance Cooperation Housing Finance Ltd.).

The primary objective of the celebration was to mark the importance of literacy and learning as a tool for achieving the overall development of the community, which plays a vital role in eliminating poverty, improving health, promoting gender equality improving the economy, building self-esteem and developing the quality of life. The project team initiated the celebration revolving around the theme of “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces”.
During the event, children prepared flashcards and posters projecting the significance of Literacy, promotion of education, rights and dignity, etc. Mrs. Samajh Kanwar, Assistant Project Officer of Prayatn lead the community and children to pledge, to educate their children to acquire a bright future without any hesitancy.

Mrs. Suman Pareek, Project Officer of Prayatn has highlighted the significance of the day through interactive activities with children. Subsequently, she conveyed the message through conducting small games, brain exercises, while comprehending the grasping level of the community and children. During the event, the project team discussed with the community and identified the existing problems regarding literacy and then tried to find out solutions to these issues by discussing several options for the same.

The entire activity was coordinated by Mrs. Bhagawati, Mrs. Jyoti, and Mr. Praveen (Shiksha Mitras) at Dwarakapuri settlement in Jaipur. More than 60 community members including children have participated in the celebration.

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