Kindernothilfe, a German organization, paved a PME (Project Monitoring and Evaluation) visit to Varanasi Uttar Pradesh from 14th to 16th September 2022, where Prayatn Sanstha has been implementing the Project ‘Sambal’ on child rights and child protection with its financial support. During the course of the visit Mrs. Sameena, the Monitoring officer from KNH reviewed the progress of the project since January and inspected the financial and programmatic procession.
The visit began with detailed presentation of the progress of the project by the project team at Prayatn Office. Subsequently, Mrs. Sameena explored two villages and interacted with the CBOs (Community Based Organizations) regarding the process of formation, development, and steps initiated to resolve the issues of the community through small community meetings.

The second day was entirely dedicated to the field, including encounters with the members, and observing the momentum of development of SHG (Self Help Group), CPC (Child Protection Committee), and SMC (School Management Committee). Mrs. Sameena interacted with various stakeholders including OSTs (Onsite Support Teachers) regarding the continuation of remedial support for the children, throughout the wide spreading of COVID-19 within the project villages. Consequently, assessed the academically improved children and interacted with their parents too.

The visit entailed an opportunity to observe the performance of Bal Manch children, highlighting the hazardous situation of forceful domestic labor through a hilarious skit. Mrs. Sameena appreciated the performance of the children and expressed the need of polishing the talents further to aspire for a better future. Finally, she reviewed the finance and administration-related reports.

The 3 days long visit concluded with debriefing by Samina ji in which she stressed the need to support the government structures of child protection in the GPs (Gram Panchayats), Blocks, and districts while appreciating the working strategy of Prayatn and the dedication of the team in the challenging scenario.
Mr. Malay Kumar, CEO of Prayatn Sanstha facilitated the visit along with Mr. Ram Khiladi Poswal (Dep. Director of Prayatn). Mr. Sonu Gaur (Project Officer) and his team coordinated the entire community-level activities throughout the monitoring visit process.

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