Prayatn team at Jaipur observed World Population Day on 11th July 2022, with the migrant communities living in the urban slums of Jaipur, Rajasthan, where the project ‘Remedial Education Support to Migrant Children’ is being implemented by Prayatn Sanstha with the financial support of LIC HFL (Housing Finance Limited) under the banner of Community Transformation of Hub programme. The primary objective of the day was to increase the awareness of the migrant workers towards the worldwide rising population and its vicious effects on the environment.

Mrs. Samajh Kanwar, Assistant Project Officer of Prayatn addressed the congregation gathered at Madarampura habitation emphasizing the threats of the rising population and the need to guarantee that women have access to family planning, and gender equality, and maternal health care; subsequently, highlighted that poverty, starvation, unemployment and illiteracy are upshots of the overpopulation.

Mrs. Seema Sharma, an influential resident of the Madrampura habitation, has alerted the community that, too many individuals continue to experience discrimination, harassment, and violence based on their gender, class, religion, sex, disability, etc. in their village. Hence, it is worth to fight for the rights of women.

To spread awareness of this alarming issue, Ms. Lakshmi and Mis Gauri, Bal Manch members of Madrampura habitation drafted slogans observing the day, subsequently, recited the same before all community. Ms. Komal Sain, Shiksha Mitra of Prayatn composed a poem on the value of education, health, and protection and recited it before the community. The community wholeheartedly accepted the message and thanked Prayatn for sparing time to organize such a meeting in their habitation and regularly edifying their children.

During the activity, more than 45 community members (15 children, 10 male, and 20 female) participated. Prayatn is extending constant Remedial Support to Migrant Children at Surat, Gwalior, and Jaipur with the financial support of LIC Housing Limited.

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