On the occasion of Child Labour Week, RCL (Railway Childline) -Dhaulpur, which is being operated by Prayatn Sanstha with the support of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Railway and Childline India Foundation, organized numerous activities with children within railway station premises.

This year, the theme for Child Labour Week was “Universal Social Protection to End Child Labour”. Thus, the primary objective of the team was to create awareness about the problem of child labour, explicate ways to eradicate it, provide dignity to the life of children affected by child labour and ensure support for their education, medical services and other needs. As part of the celebration, the Railway Childline team has organized various activities at the railway station and surroundings for creating awareness among passengers, vendors, taxi drivers, auto drivers, railway staff, etc. on the menace of child labor and human trafficking through various activities.

During the occasion, Mr N. N. Mishra, Station Manager at Dholpur railway station, inaugurated the ceremony, speaking on the hazards of Child Labour. Subsequently, a signature campaign was organized at the station, where people from various fields have imprinted their signatures pledging to stand firm to eradicate child Labour from society; where, 29 adults and 15 children partaken in various activities. Mr Sarnam Singh, Railway Child- Line Coordinator, introduced child rights and the provision of care and protection through 1098 for children in need. These celebrations were marked from 3rd to 12th June 2022 where various activities have taken place for raising awareness about how the heinous act of child labour, damages the child mentally and physically.

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