Every community must have access to health, wealth, wellbeing, justice, and opportunity; but there are certain factors that hamper the development of the community. Often community realizes the same but hesitates to exclaim it to the authorities. Acknowledging the fact, Prayatn Sanstha organized an event – ‘Government Community Interface’ in village Adampura in Dhaulpur district of Rajasthan under Project ‘Moving Ahead’ supported by KKS (Karl Kübel Stiftung) and BMZ Germany.

The primary objective of the event was to provide a platform for the community to spotlight issues that were inhibiting their rights and express the same to the government representatives without any reluctance. The Chief Guests for the event were Mr. Hansram Meena, VDO (Village Development Officer), Ms. Guddi Devi, Up-Sarpanch, and Mr. Mukesh Meena, Junior Clerk in the Gram Panchayat. During the meeting, the Child Protection Committee of Adampura instigated to discuss several issues related to the development of their children and village; subsequently, submitted proposals for various issues of the village – like construction of community hall and Anganwadi, provision of playground and crematory ground, availability of water and drainage system, etc. Authorities have assured to carry out appropriate initiatives in no time to resolve the concerns of the community.

Mr. Hansram Meena, VDO shared information about various government schemes at the panchayat level and the list of required documents to avail the same; subsequently, appreciated the efforts of Prayatn for organizing such a platform to interrelate with the community.

The interface was held on 06th June 2022 at the premises of Kushwah Dharmshala, within the village with the facilitation of Mr. Fazru Khan, Assistant Project Officer, and assistance of community organizers and Onsite Support Teachers.

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