Moving a step closer to the process of improving the Literacy & Numeracy skills of children of 140 government schools in Mandrail block of Karauli, Prayatn Sanstha organized a three days long Refresher Training Program for the Shiksha Mitras under project Education with the technical and financial support of Plan India and National Stock Exchange (NSE) Foundation.

The primary objective of the training was to sharpen the skills of Shiksha Mitras to derive innovative and creative teaching methods to improve the quality of education, so as to support academically lagging children to enhance their academic competencies. This training was targeted at Shiskha Mitras, who were already working to brush up their existing learning as well as to orient those who joined recently on the Special Learning Package.

Training was guided by Mr. Uday Prakash Udadhyay, Project Manager- Prayatn and Mr. Giriraj Jadeja, Project Manager – Plan India and was facilitated by Assistant Project Officers – Mr. Sunder Lal, Mr. Shubham Singh, Mr. Kamruddeen, Mr. Vijay Singh and Mr. Amit Kumar.

During the training Mr. Shreepat Lal, a Headmaster of PS Tulsipura, appreciated team Prayatn for the untiring efforts for ensuring the quality of the support provided in the schools and facilitated a session on Lesson plan for the SMs on the final day.

The whole training was set in participatory mode including wide interactions, group discussions, group works, and creative activities etc. Sessions on the ABL (Activity Based Learning) methods and diverse use of Teaching Learning Materials have been the key attraction of the training. Participants are expected to adopt Activity Based Learning methods and move away from rote learning to competency based learning.

The training was scheduled from 19th to 24th May 2022 at Plan India Training Hall at Mandrail and benefitted about 56 Shiksha Mitras including 21 males and 35 females in two batches.

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