Leadership instills confidence in children and helps them to solve their problems creatively, work in a team, and work collaboratively with others. In order to sharpen the leadership skills of those children, who represent the community children through Bal Manch, Prayatn Sanstha has organized a three days Residential Training at Varanasi.

The primary objective of the training was to sharpen the leadership and communicative skills of the children, so that they may develop the expertise in reasoning, analyzing, and resolving the issues related to their rights, by approaching the CPC (Child Protection Committees) conveying the matters associated to the development of children.

Project staff and child rights experts – Mr. Ram Khiladi Poswal, Mr. Sonu Gaur and Mr. Vidhyakant Patak – acted as resource persons for the training. The training module was designed with a combination of activities and practical sessions so that participants can effectively assimilate new knowledge and skills in their life context.

Mr. Sonu Gaur said, “The training was completed successfully and went off exceptionally well. It shifted the participants’ perspective and transformed their views about how they are going to lead Bal Manch in the future and also dealing with issues related to their developmental rights.”

The training was organized By Prayatn at Dharam Chakra Inter College at Navapura in Varanasi under project Sambal with the financial support of KNH (Kindernothilfe), Germany. The training was structured in 4 batches from 16th to 28th May 2022, covering 50 villages, where 140 Bal Manch children including 66 girls and 74 boys have participated.

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