In order to develop vision of Child Protection Committee (CPC) members towards village development, which primarily includes visualization of the change within their situation which they wish to achieve and make their village an ideal, Prayatn Sanstha has organized Refresher Training for the CPC (Child Protection Committee) members of Dholpur district of Rajasthan. Such visioning inspires them to perform their responsibilities related to the identification and analysis of the developmental issues of village as a whole and children and women in particular; subsequently, reach a resolution for the same by preparing collective initiatives.

The training was organized under ‘Moving Ahead’ project which is being implemented by Prayatn with the financial support of Karl Kuble Stiftung, Germany, for ensuring child protection in the region.

The training was blessed with the presence of Ms. Rajkumari and Ms. Mithlesh, CPC members who represented the ‘Modal Villages’ in Dholpur, where Prayatn already worked in the past; Consequently, they elaborated the strategic approach adapted to turn the village into a modal village category during the sessions in the training.

The Prayatn team has played a vital role in facilitating the sessions during the training. Mr. Ramkhiladi Poswal (Deputy Director), Ms. Rajani Jain (Project Officer), Mr. Fazru Khan, Mr. Mohammad Khuloos Khan, and Ms. Pratibha Yadav (Assist. Project Officers), and Ms. Usha Sharma (Community Organizer) have facilitated the training as resource persons3. All the Nine Community Organizers have responsibly harmonized the training in diverse capacities.

Over all training was held in participatory mode. Theme-based discussions were fruitfull for the participants; subsequently, supportive resource materials were provided for the participants.

The training was organized at Prayatn Campus at Dholpur, Rajasthan; where 206 active CPC members including 54 male and 152 female members have participated in the training. The training was structured in 09 batches; selecting 05- 06 active Child Protection Committee representatives from each of the targeted villages.

As a result of the visioning process, all the participants developed confidence that they too can make their own villages as Model Child Friendly Villages.

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