In order to bridge the gap that has emerged in education of children because of closure of schools because of COVID, Prayatn Sanstha initiated community level tutoring in small groups following COVID prevention guidelines in Mandrail block of Karauli district. The initiative has been undertaken under ‘Improved Language and Numeracy skills project which is being implemented by the organization with the support of Plan India and NSE Foundation. For this, a team local volunteers, called Shiksha Mitras, is being put in place, capacity building of 40 of whom on Standard Learning Package was undertaken in the blocks from 16th to 20th July, 2021,

SLP is a theoretical framework that describes the learning packages for primary school children. The package inducts methods of group & individual teaching, and subject matter teaching of Mathematics, English, and Hindi in child friendly manner. The trainings were facilitated by Education Experts – Mr. Chandrashekar from Vani Organisation, Mr Rajiv Sharma and Mr. Jiya-ur-Rehman from Plan India, Project Lead Mr. Uday Upadhyay and Project Coordinators Mr. Manish Yadav and Mr. Saiyad Shahid from Prayatn.

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